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4 thoughts on “Welcome to our Ticket Support System!

  1. Andy

    Liking the UI so far but have one issue:

    -The logo is cutoff on the landing page / splash page on my iPhone 5

    The login form is cutting out the lower portion of the logo.

    Do you have a simple CSS edit I can add to fix this?

    Thanks for the quick 24/7 support you advertise I look forward to hearing back soon even though it is a weekend.


    1. admin Post author


      Thank you for contacting us.

      One thing to do would be to make height: 133px in washington.css for class .logo-login.

      If you are still having troubles once you have done that, please let us know.

      Kind Regards,
      Sensation Themes

  2. Amit


    Is this template suitable for webpages as well. I can see it renders perfectly on mobile devices.

    Currently if I open the pages on my laptop they do not seem t adjust to the bigger size.


    1. admin Post author


      This template was thought for mobiles mainly even though you can see it in webpages as well.

      However, you would see it as you see it on mobiles.



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